Can documents in MetaShare follow a naming standard?

Some organizations require that documents have a unique document name, following a certain naming convention, e.g. that the first document of a certain type should be named “CERT-17-0001”, the next “CERT-17-0002”, etc.

We however do not see any business benefit of renaming documents, based on business rules, when creating them or uploading them to MetaShare.

If documents have meaningful names e.g. “MetaShare activation instructions”, you can directly understand what content a document has by reading its name, also making it easier to share documents, without needing to describe the documents’ content.

All documents in SharePoint however have an ID that is unique to the document library where the document is stored. The first document in a library gets ID 1, the second ID 2, etc. If a document is deleted, the ID will not be reused. It is also possible to create a unique number series, such as e.g. “CERT-17-0001”, by activating a site collection feature called “Document ID Services”. This ID consist of a prefix, such as “CERT-17-“ followed by a number sequence. This number can be added as a column in the document view and also be presented as a quick part in the documents’ page header/footer.