Why is the newly created workspace not visible?

It may take up to an hour until a newly created workspace is visible on MetaShare’s start page. The same thing applies to a workspace whose user-permissions recently has been changed. The person that just has been assigned permissions to the workspace will not see it momentarily.

The reason for this is that the list of workspaces is based on search and therefore relies on SharePoint’s search engine to index newly created workspaces or changes in workspaces’ user permissions. Normally SharePoint crawls continuously and should track these changes within a fem minutes but it could take up to an hour in some situations, when SharePoint is busy with other tasks.

As a workspace creator, you will however receive an email with a link to the workspace, as soon as the workspace is created. This link will work even if the workspace is not yet visible on the start page.

If MetaShare for some reason is not able to create the workspace, you will also receive an email with this notification.