How can you apply digital signatures to documents in MetaShare?

E-signing is quickly becoming the standard in an increasingly digitalized world. By adapting electronic signatures into your business/organization, you get a controlled process for digital signing and increased control over your documents in general and agreements in particular.

If you have configured MetaShare to manage your agreements, you will gain increased control over the organization’s agreements and reduce the risk of not terminating or extending agreements in time. The owner of an agreement is reminded when an agreement is about to expire, to be able to renegotiate or terminate the agreement.

There are various signing solutions in the market, with different pros and cons. We have tested MetaShare together with these 3 and they work more or less in the same way:

  1. Scrive (we show you an example of how it works below)
  2. DocuSign
  3. Adobe Sign

Sign documents using Scrive

This is how digital signing in MetaShare works together with Scrive:

  1. Create a document.
  2. Once the document is ready for digital signing, open the document and trigger the signing process through Scrive’s Office Add-in.
  3. Enter the parties that should sign the document.
  4. An e-mail is sent to the signing parties with a link to the document:
    E-mail with link to document that needs signature
  5. As soon as all parties have signed the document you receive an e-mail with the attached signed document:
    Signing confirmation
  6. From the e-mail you can now drag and drop the signed document to MetaShare and it will be tagged with correct metadata.