Why should I create a custom search results page?

When searching for documents in MetaShare workspaces, users get the option to extend the search to also show results from other locations, such as other workspaces and OneDrive:
Extend the search to also show results from other locations

By default, SharePoint has a standard search result page that will be used to display the search results. This standard search result page does not have any possibilities to refine documents, based on custom metadata. It will look like this:
SharePoint's standard search result page

To get a better search experience in MetaShare and in the rest of SharePoint, the recommendation is to create a customized search results page that only shows documents (with the option to also switch to other result types, such as People, Videos, etc.) and get more relevant search suggestions by filtering down your search results using custom search refiners (e.g. Workspace, File type, Document type, etc.):
A customized search results page

Or you can narrow down your search suggestions by searching on specific document properties, e.g. only showing document that are tagged with “Windows information protection” as a Keyword, using a search alias for the keyword column:
Search on a specific document property

To create a custom search results page, you need to be global administrator of your Microsoft 365 tenant or a SharePoint administrator. Contact a MetaShare partner or MetaShare support if you need assistance in creating a customized search results page or follow the instructions under these 2 pages:

  1. Configure managed properties
  2. Create a custom search results page