MetaShare’s default columns and content type

When you activate MetaShare you can choose to add a sample information information model:
Select the language for MetaShare's default/sample information model

If you select English, these objects are created in the content type hub, in English:

  1. Three managed metadata site columns that are linked to MetaShare’s default term sets:
    1. Area (mapped to the “Areas” term set)
    2. Document type (mapped to the “Document types” term set)
    3. Keywords (mapped to the “Keywords” term set)
  2. One document content type called “Sample document” that the three columns are added to and that is published during the MetaShare activation.

MetaShare’s standard content type and site columns can be used, modified or deleted without effecting the solution.

For a simple implementation of MetaShare, it is recommended to only have one content type per workspace configuration.