Known issues

Not possible to search for documents that contain certain characters

Currently it is not possible to search for documents, in the document log, that contain a “+” sign in the document’s name.

Workaround: You could search for the document before or after the “+” sign.

Expected fix: MetaShare Orbit will soon be able to search for documents with a “+” sign.

Inconsistent behavior when searching for terms in multi-language environments

If your term store is configured to manage multiple languages, then, in the rule conditions field, you will only be able to search for terms in one language. The items that are shown in the dropdown will however be displayed in the language that you have as the default language in the term store.

Workaround: If you do not find a match for the term that you are looking for, search for the term in one of the other languages.

Expected fix: MetaShare Orbit will soon have better support for term stores with multiple languages.

Terms that do not match your search are shown

If you, in the rule conditions field, search for a term and do not find any matches, you will still see items in the dropdown that match the initial characters that you wrote in the field.

Workaround: There is no workaround right now.

Expected fix: A bug-fix will soon be released that solves this issue.