How do I assign the SharePoint administrator role?

In order to get the permission to conduct all administrative SharePoint tasks, the user can either be an Office 365 global administrator (has administrative rights in all the services of Office 365) or just be a SharePoint administrator.

Follow these steps to assign a user the “SharePoint administration” role:

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center’s active users’ list.
  2. Select the user that you want to assign the SharePoint administrator role to.
  3. In the “Roles” section, click on the “Edit” link:
    In the "Roles" section, click on the "Edit" link
  4. In the “Edit user roles” form, select the “Customized administrator” option (unless you want to assign the user the “Global administrator” role) and mark the “SharePoint administrator” role:
    select the "Customized administrator" option and mark the "SharePoint administrator" role
  5. Click on the “Save” button.