Where do I store images in SharePoint?

Our recommendation is to store images in MetaShare like any other type of document. If you are considering storing all your images in one place, our recommendation is to create a specific MetaShare workspace, using a unique workspace configuration with a rich media content type, e.g. “Image” that automatically extracts the EXIF metadata that is stored in the images’ file properties.

Here you have a list of the file properties that is being extracted (as of 2021-09-01) and to what SharePoint column they will be extracted to.

Image file propertySharePoint columnDescription
Date TakenDate Picture Taken
TagsKeywords, Enterprise KeywordsThis property is copied to two SharePoint column, “Keywords” that is a text column and “Enterprise Keywords” that is managed metadata column.
WidhPicture Width
HeightPicture Height
-na-LocationSpecial list column generated by Microsoft Ai based on file GPS data.
-na-Tags (soon to be renamed to “Image Tags”)Special list column generated by Microsoft Ai based on image recognition.
-na-Extracted TextSpecial list column generated by Microsoft Ai with text found in image based on image recognition.

If you would like to view your images in a tiles view, like this:
Images presented in a tiles-view

then do the following:

  1. Open the workspace in SharePoint
  2. Open the document library, in SharePoint’s document library
  3. Switch views by clicking on the drop-down for views, on the top right-hand side of the document list, and selecting the “Tiles” view:
    A document library's tiles view