How to assign administrative roles in Azure?

To be able to administrative Microsoft 365 and/or SharePoint, the user needs to be assigned one of these 2 administrative roles in Azure:

  1. SharePoint administrator – can manage all aspects of the SharePoint service
  2. Global administrator – can manage all aspects of Azure AD and Microsoft services that use Azure AD identities, including SharePoint

Follow these steps to assign any of these roles in Azure:

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center’s active users’ list.
  2. Open the profile card for the user that you want to assign an administrative role to, and select “Assigned roles”, in the left navigation:
    Azure active directory profile card
  3. On the “Assigned roles” pane, click on the “Add assignments” function:
    The Add assignments function
  4. In the “Directory roles” pane, search for the role that you want to assign, select the role and click on the “Add” button.
    Assign a role in Azure
  5. The assigned role(s) will now be shown as administrative roles:
    The assigned role
    If you later want to remove a role, just select it and click on the “Remove assignments” function.