Can a workspace’s document library have folders?

MetaShare will present all documents in a document library, regardless if they reside in the document library’s root folder or if they are located in sub folders.

If a document library has folders and the workspace’s workspace configuration is defined to show “Folder” as a document filter, users will, inside a workspace, be able to filter on the document folders as if they were any ordinary document metadata tags. When filtering on any folder, documents that are located in the selected folder and any of it’s subfolders will be shown in the document list. If the selected folder has sub-folders these will also be shown under the selected folder and a small triangular icon to the left of the folder will displayed, indicating that the folder is expanded:
MetaShare's folder filter

Document folders can also be shown as columns in the workspaces’ document views and if you click on any of the folders in the view, you will filter on the specific folder:
Document folder as a column in the document view

Documents can also be uploaded, created or moved to a folder, using the appropriate document functions in MetaShare.

To create folders in a workspace, follow these instructions.