Word Online can show wrong dates in Quick Parts


Depending on which time-zone you are located in, Word Online can show date values in Quick Parts one day off, compared to the date that is set in the document’ property (metadata). If you open a document’s details pane to see a preview of the document or if you select the “Preview” function, available under the ellipsis icon you will have the same issue. In Word’s desktop client the date will however be shown correctly.

Here you see the date (2023-12-13) in a document’s property form in SharePoint:
Document properties in SharePoint

The date is shown correctly in Word’s desktop client:
Document properties - Word Desktop client

But not when opening a preview of the document:
Document properties - Preview

Or in Word Online:
Word Online quick part values

The date in Word Online is shown in the time-zone for Seattle, Washington, USA (UTC-08:00), so if the time-zone in your SharePoint site e.g. is UTC+01:00, Word Online will show the date 9 hrs prior to the set date (when a date column is defined to only show date and not time, the time for the date will be 00:00, so then the date will be presented the day before at 15:00).


The only way to ensure that correct dates are shown in date field Quick Parts is to open the documents in Word’s desktop client.

Expected fix

We have communicated this issue to Microsoft and unfortunately their response is that this is by design and that it’s not probable that they will fix this issue in the near future.