How to activate MetaShare Orbit

MetaShare Orbit is activated by flowing these steps:

  1. Register your tenant’s information by sending an email with this information to [email protected]:
    1. Your Microsoft 365 tenant’s ID
    2. The URL to your SharePoint’s root site
    3. The URL to your SharePoint admin center
  2. When you receive an e-mail confirmation that your tenant’s information is registered, you can start the activation process, by adding Orbit to your Azure Portal by following these steps:
    1. Go to
    2. Give consent to both applications, “MetaShare Orbit” and “MetaShare Orbit Client”, by ticking the checkbox “Consent on behalf of your organization” and then click on the “Accept” button.
    3. MetaShare Orbit:
    4. MetaShare Orbit Client:
    5. MetaShare Orbit’s start page will now be shown:
      MetaShare Orbit’s start-page, with some high-level instructions
  3. Grant permissions to MetaShare Orbit by following these steps:
    1. Got to:
    2. In the left pane click on “Microsoft Entra ID” and then “Enterprise applications”.
    3. Click on “MetaShare Orbit” in the right pane.
    4. In the left pane, click on “Permissions”.
    5. Click on the blue button labeled “Grant admin consent for ”. A new permission consent will now have to be granted.
    6. After the permissions have been granted the permissions should look like this (refresh the page till you see the changes):
    7. Do the same for “MetaShare Orbit Client” till you see these permissions:
    8. Note that sometimes it might take some time before the permissions are provisioned throughout Azure. You might not directly be able to add “Destination libraries”, “Excluded sources” or “Rules”. To test if these permissions have been granted, you can try to create a rule and search for a term that you know exists in SharePoint’s term store. If the term finder shows a spinner that does not stop, then try again in a little while (the provisioning can take up to an hour or two):
  4. By now MetaShare Orbit is activated but the app’s rules will not trigger unless you first set its state to active. Check the app’s state by going to MetaShare Orbit’s settings’ page, (click on the settings icon on the top-right corner of the application). Under general settings you can see your tenant’s information and the status of the application. If you want to change the state of the app, just click on the “Edit” button and change the state:
    MetaShare Orbit’s settings page