Overview of MetaShare Orbit

MetaShare Orbit consists of these pages:

  1. MetaShare Orbit’s start-page, with some high-level instructions:
  2. The “Rules” page where you define and see your document life cycle rules:
    The rules page where you define and see your document life cycle rules
    See this page for instructions on how to manage these rules.
  3. Three log pages with information about the tasks:
    1. In the “Runs” page you see a list of the app’s daily runs and for each run you see how many documents were managed during the run. You can click on any of the links to see the managed documents in the run (the run number as well as any of these counters: moved, deleted, failed & warnings). After clicking on them you will be directed to the “Document log” page, with the applied filter):
      The Runs page
    2. In the “Document log” page you see a list of all the documents that have been managed by any of the published rules. On the top of the page, you find a search box where you can search for a specific document or search for documents that were managed during a specific run by searching on the run number. You can also filter the list to only see documents that have been deleted or moved and where the operations were successful, failed or if any warnings were detected. You can combine a search with filters:

      To see which rule that triggered a specific document to be managed by MetaShare Orbit, you can click on the triggered rule and the rule’s details will be shown in the right pane:

      If you want to see more detailed information about a specific document, you can click on the plus-sign in the beginning of each item in the list. For a successful operation it will look something like this:

      For a failed operation it will look something like this:

      And, when there is reason to, the error details are also shown:
    3. In the “System log” page you see a list of messages from the app, for example when the app was activated/inactivated or if there are warnings related to any of the published rules:
  4. MetaShare Orbit’s settings page, where you can activate or inactivate the app, define one or several destination libraries (where documents should be moved to) and define if any sites should be excluded from having their documents managed by published rules: