MetaShare’s default term sets

When you activate MetaShare you can choose to add a sample information information model:
Select the language for MetaShare's default/sample information model

If you select English, these 3 term sets are created under a term set group with the name “MetaShare”, containing sample taxonomies:
MetaShare's sample term sets

The MetaShare term set group and its three term sets can be renamed or deleted. If they are deleted, make first sure that they have not been used in any workspace configurations, else managed metadata columns could be orphaned, as they need to be linked to a term set.

MetaShare’s terms sets can be located under any term set group. A good reason to keep them under one term set group is to make it simple for all content administrators to have permissions to manage these terms.

For larger organisations, where different administrators are to manage different parts of the taxonomy, the term sets can be split among several term set groups. It is also wise to group term sets that are only used as workspace metadata into one term set group and then split the document’s term sets into the ones that are open and the ones that are closed, applying different permissions of the term set groups:
Example of how the term sets can be grouped in large organisations