Why are renamed terms not directly reflected in SharePoint/MetaShare?

When you either rename a term or merge a term into another term, using these instructions, the changes are not momentarily reflected in neither MetaShare’s nor SharePoint’s document views. The reason for this is that SharePoint, behind the scene, runs a few scheduled jobs and once these jobs have run, the changes will be reflected in the document views. The time for these jobs to run vary but they should normally be done within a couple of hours.

Any changes to terms are however momentarily reflected if you edit a document’s metadata, where you in the document form will see the new values, but once the edit is saved and the document is shown in the document view, the old values will still be shown, till the jobs have done their tasks.

Changes to the terms are also reflected directly in MetaShare’s document filters, if the workspace is reloaded, e.g. by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard, but when filtering on these new values, they might not reflect the changes till the timer jobs have done their tasks.

If the term-changes (renamed or merged terms) are not reflected within 24 hrs, our recommendation is that you open a support case with Microsoft. They will then be able to rerun a full synchronization job for the taxonomy fields on the effected workspace.

See the following 2 known issues related to renamed terms:

  1. Renamed or merged terms are not synchronized to SharePoint sites
  2. Document filter does not filter on correct tags