MetaShare’s start page

MetaShare’s start page, accessible from this address:, shows a list of all workspaces that the user has access to and it will look something like this (you will most likely have other names on the columns and filters):
MetaShare's start page

The workspace has 5 main areas:

  1. The main zone presenting a list of workspaces:
    List of workspaces
    1. You only see workspaces that you have permission to.
    2. The list shows initially 50 workspaces, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, the next batch of 50 workspaces will be shown.
    3. The workspaces are sorted by their SharePoint URL.
    4. Clicking on a workspace’s name will open the workspace.
    5. Clicking on a workspace’s metadata values will filter the workspaces on the metadata value.
    6. Selecting a workspace will show the workspace’s functions in the toolbar.
    7. Above the list of workspaces you have a search box that allows you to search for workspaces.
    8. The workspaces that are presented in the list can have be of two types, with different icons:
      1. MetaShare workspaces have a MetaShare icon:
        MetaShare icon
      2. SharePoint sites have a SharePoint icon:
        SharePoint icon
  2. The left zone, showing workspace filters that you can open and select to filter the workspaces on the value that you select:
    Workspace filters
  3. The top bar, with these elements, from left to right:
    MetaShare's start page's top bar
    1. A link to MetaShare’s start page, that when clicked on will remove any applied filters
    2. These icons that link to:
      1. MetaShare settings page (only visible to MetaShare Content Administrators)
      2. MetaShare help
      3. The logged in user’s profile
  4. A scopes bar, where you can switch between listing workspaces or documents, where workspaces is the default scope:
    MetaShare's start page's scopes bar
  5. A toolbar showing workspace functions:
    1. Before selecting any workspace in the list, if you have been assigned the MetaShare Workspace Creator role, a you will see the workspace creation function in the toolbar:
      Create workspace function
    2. After having selected a workspace, you will see these workspace functions:
      Workspace functions
      1. View/edit workspace properties
      2. Delete workspace (only visible to SharePoint administrators)