Pin MetaShare to the App launcher in Office 365

Users that have been assigned the “MetaShare User” role in Azure, will be able to get MetaShare displayed in the user’s Office 365 “App launcher”, among all other pinned Office 365 application.

Unfortunately an administrator cannot pin an application for all the users in an Office 365 tenant. Microsoft is however saying that they are working on this, till then the steps below need to be done by each and one of your end-users:

  1. Click on Office 365’s “App launcher” and then on the “All apps” link:
    Office 365's App launcher
  2. Find the MetaShare app, click on the ellipsis icon and select the “Pin to launcher” option:
    Pin to launcher
  3. Now MetaShare will be displayed in the App launcher:
    MetaShare being displayed in the App launcher