How to configure MetaShare

Before configuring MetaShare you should set up your information structure in SharePoint/Microsoft 365. The steps to do this are

  1. Decide which workspaces to create
  2. Create test workspaces based on sample workspace configurations
  3. Decide which structures to apply

Here you have a few pages that you can read through to get an understanding of how information structures are managed in SharePoint:

  1. Term store definitions
  2. How to manage term sets
  3. How to manage terms
  4. Definition of SharePoint’s site columns and site content types

You can also watch the following video to get a quick introduction on how to create and manage your taxonomy in MetaShare.

Once your information structure is set up you can start configuring MetaShare. These are the steps:

  1. Apply general MetaShare settings
  2. Create and configure workspace configurations
  3. Create workspaces
  4. Configure MetaShare’s start page
  5. Optional: define which date fields to monitor
  6. Migrate your documents