How can documents in SharePoint automatically be deleted/archived, based on business rules?

With MetaShare Orbit, documents that reside in SharePoint can automatically be deleted/archived based on predefined business rules. In brief, you set up different rules for different documents sets with these properties:

  1. Rule condition: The rule will trigger on all documents that are tagged with the selected combination of tags/terms, e.g. “Process” = “Manage sales” & “Document type” = “Agreement”.
  2. Action: The action that the rule will perform, currently with these 2 options, “Delete” & “Archive”
  3. After (days): The rule will trigger on documents that are older than the selected days (from the last modified date).

All documents that are deleted or archived by MetaShare Archiver will be logged and in the log you will also see which rule that triggered the action.

Using standard functionality in Microsoft 365, in Microsoft Purview compliance portal, there is also a method to automatically label documents for deletion, based on defined rules, using retention labels. Based on the documents’ labels, different rules can apply, e.g. deletion or archival. The disadvantage is that all users, who are to be able to edit documents that are automatically labelled, must have an Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 license, which is quite expensive.