How to publish/unpublish a site content type

Here you find instructions on how to publish, republish and unpublish a site content type from SharePoint’s content type hub.

  1. Open the site content type.
  2. Under the “Settings” section, click on the link called “Manage publishing for this content type”:
    The link to publish a content type
  3. The options that you have now are:
    Different options when publishing a content type


    1. If the content type has not been published before, select the “Publish” option (the other options will then be disabled) and click on the “OK” button”.
    2. If the content type has been published before and you now want to republish the content type, after having made changes to it, select the “Republish” option and click on the “OK” button”.
    3. If you no longer want to keep the content type, select the “Unpublish” option and click on the “OK” button”. After unpublishing a content type it is safe to delete it, if needed. If you delete a content type, in the content type hub, that was published and you do not first unpublish it, it will become orphaned and could cause future issues.


  1. When you select the options “Publish”, “Unpublish” or “Republish” and click on the “OK” button, it normally take a few seconds, so have patience before you start clicking on the “OK” button again.
  2. When a content type is published or republished, SharePoint’s timer jobs will do their jobs publishing them to all workspaces. There is however no way to control the frequency of these timer jobs and therefore there is no way to predict when the published content types will be available in the workspaces. Normally it will take about an hour but this can vary up to a day.