How to create a copy of a document

If you want to reuse a document that already resides in a MetaShare workspace, as a template for a new document, with a different file-name, the method is:

  1. Open the document and save the document as a copy.
  2. Save your document by selecting “Save a Copy” option in the document’s “File” tab, give the name a new meaningful name and click on the “Save” button:
    Select the "save a copy" option in MS Word
  3. SharePoint will now ask the user which Content Type the document should be saved as. By default, it proposes the original document’s Content Type, which is probably the one that you should have, so just click on the “OK” button:
    Select Content Type
  4. The document is now saved in the workspace:
    Document saved in the workspace
    and the document will be shown in the top of the workspace, with the same metadata as the original document:
    A saved as document showed in MetaShare
  5. Optionally, you can now edit the document’s metadata.