How to select/deselect documents

Select a document

You easily select a document by hovering over it. To the left of the document’s icon, a checkbox icon appears, just click on it:
Select a document

You can also select a document by clicking on any of the empty space on a document’s row.

When you select a document, the options that are available for the document will be shown in the toolbar:
A document is selected

If you are inside a workspace, you can also select multiple documents using any of the 2 methods and then only the options that are available for multiple documents will be shown in the toolbar:
Select multiple document
From the documents tab in MetaShare’s start page, you can currently only select one document at a time.

As soon as one or several document are selected, a counter will show the number of selected documents, on the top right corner of your workspace.
2 documents selected

When documents have been selected, you will not be able to upload documents or create documents. To be able to do this, you first need to deselect the documents.

Deselect documents

You can deselect documents either by clicking on the document’s checkbox or by clicking on any of the empty space on a document’s row.

You can also deselect documents by clicking on the function that shows how many documents have been selected:
2 documents selected

This method comes is specifically handy if you have selected a document that is not shown on the screen.


Inside a workspace, when document properties are opened for a single document, it is not possible to select more documents. Selecting different document will result in deselecting previously selected one and displaying properties for the newly selected document. Selecting multiple documents will be possible after properties form is closed.