How to search for workspaces

From MetaShare’s start page, you can search for workspaces by following these instructions:

  1. Write a search phrase in the search box above the list of workspaces and press the “Enter” key on the keyboard:
    Search for a workspace
  2. A tag with the search phrase will be shown above the list of workspaces and only workspaces that match the search query (workspaces that contain the search phrase, either as the workspace name or as other workspace metadata) will be shown in the list:
    A searched workspace


  1. The search results list is sorted by relevance. The relevance order is: the workspace’s name and then the other workspace metadata.
  2. A workspace search can be combined with a regular workspace filtering, in this case a “Clear all filters” button will also be shown, to the right of the applied filters.
    A tag with search phrase combined with workspace filters shown above the workspace list
  3. Any conducted search will be added to the URL of the page, so after having conducted a search, maybe combined with a filtering, you can bookmark the page or easily share the list of workspaces with others by copying it to an e-mail or to a page on an intranet.
  4. If you have misspelled a search phrase you can remove the search, by clicking on the search tag. The search phrase will then be moved back to the search box, making it easier to conduct a new search, now spelled correctly.
  5. If you want to search for a total new phrase just type a new phrase in the search box and it will replace the earlier search query.
  6. In order to get good search performance, the search function uses a search index. The workspaces must first be queried and indexed before they can be found by the search engine. Therefore, workspaces that have just been created will not be available until after the next indexing, which usually takes about 15 minutes. The same thing applies to changes in workspace metadata. These will not be reflected on the MetaShare’s start page till the changes have been reindexed.
  7. Uppercase/lowercase is ignored when searching. The exceptions are the logical (Boolean) operations.
  8. If the search phrase consists of multiple words, workspaces containing all the words will be listed.
  9. If the search phrase is written within quotation marks, workspaces containing the exact search phrase will be listed.