How to connect MetaShare to Teams

There are two ways to connect MetaShare to Microsoft Teams:

  1. by adding MetaShare to the app bar on the left side of the Teams client:MetaShare as a personal app in Teams
    • This option will display MetaShare’s start page inside Teams with full functionality (swop between the workspaces and documents tabs, open a specific workspace, etc.).
  2. by adding MetaShare as a tab in a channel:
    • This option will only show documents and/or workspaces, based on the MetaShare view that you want to display in the tab. By default, an embedded MetaShare view is shown in full screen mode (without MetaShare’s top bar and MetaShare’s left navigation filters):
      MetaShare as a tab in teams channel - full screen mode
      If needed, you can exit the full screen mode by clicking on the “Exit full screen mode” function, on the top right hand-side of the tab and then these elements will be shown again:
      MetaShare as a tab in teams channel - normal screen mode

Below you find instructions on how to add these 2 different MetaShare apps in Teams.

How to add MetaShare as a tab in a channel

  1. Copy the link to a document view in the MetaShare workspace that you want to connect to the channel.
  2. Open the channel where you want to add your document view.
  3. Click the “+” symbol on the channel’s tab menu to add a new tab:
    Add a tab in a channel
  4. Select the “MetaShare” app. If it is not visible in the list, type “MetaShare” in the Search box:
    Adding a new MetaShare tab in a channel
  5. Give the tab a meaningful name and paste the link to the document view (that you copied in step 1 above):

How to add MetaShare to the app bar of Microsoft Teams

Your IT-administrator can pin MetaShare to the app bar for all users by following these instructions. If this has not been done you can pin it yourself by following these instructions:

  1. Click the “…” icon in Team’s left navigation and select “MetaShare”. If it is not visible in the list, type “MetaShare” in the Search box:
    Adding MetaShare as a personal app
  2. MetaShare will be added to the app bar without any additional steps.


  1. If the MetaShare Teams app is not found when searching for the app, then the MetaShare Teams app has not yet been added to your tenant:
    MetaShare app not found
  2. You can add the app by clicking on the “Manage apps” button on the bottom of the form and and then clicking on the “More apps” button:
    Searching for more Teams apps
  3. In the app store you will now find the MetaShare Teams app:
    MetaShare app found
  4. Open the app and then click on the “Add” button:
    MetaShare app can be added
    If you do not have permissions to add apps you will instead see a “Request approval” button. By clicking on it, a request will be sent to your IT-administrator.