How do I connect a MetaShare workspace to a channel in Teams?

Please start by reading the introduction to Microsoft Teams’ document management. If you decide to connect a MetaShare workspace to a channel in Teams, follow these instructions:

  1. Open one of the team’s channels that you want to connect to a MetaShare workspace.
  2. Create a new tab by clicking on the “+” symbol, on the channel’s tab menu:
    Create a tab in a Team's channel
  3. Select the “Website” tab:
    Select the "Website" tab
  4. Give the new tab a name and a URL:
    Give the new tab a name and a URL
    • Give the tab a meaningful name, corresponding to the documents that will be shown in the tab.
    • Copy and paste the URL of the MetaShare workspace. In the example above, the URL contains a few query strings, corresponding to filters that have been applied to the workspace.
    • If you want to hide these elements: MetaShare’s top bar and MetaShare’s left navigation (document filters):
      MetaShare embedded in teams without top frame and filter navigation
      Then you need to add “$embedded=true” as a query string parameter to the URL of the page, e.g.$embedded=true.
      If the page that you want to embed already has a query string representing a specific filter or sorting, you need to add a “&” character before this additional query string, e.g.$embedded=true.
    • If you do not want the newly created tab to be announced in the Conversations tab, uncheck the tick on the “Post to the channel about this tab”.
  5. The new tab will now show all documents corresponding to the filters in the selected workspace:
    MetaShare as a tab in Teams
  6. If you now create a document in the MetaShare tab, the document property form will be prefilled with the filters that were applied on the tab and the mandatory fields will have to be filled in before you can save the document:
    the document property form shown inside the MetaShare tab in Teams
  7. By clicking on these highlighted icons you can either maximize the tab in the teams’ application or open the document tab in a web browser:
    Maximize the tab or open the document tab in a web browser

If the team’s and the workspace’s members are the same, a recommendation is to add the team’s automatically created Office 365 group to the workspace’s members group.