How to search for workspaces

  1. From MetaShare’s start page, write a search phrase in the search text-box above the list of workspaces and press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.
  2. A tag with the search phrase will be shown above the workspace list:
    A tag with search phrase shown above the workspace list
  3. The workspaces in the list will be filtered to reflect the search phrase (workspaces that contain the search phrase, either as the workspace name or as other workspace metadata, apart from these two: Created and Created by).
  4. In the search results list, workspaces are sorted by the workspaces’ names.


  1. A workspace search can be combined with a regular workspace filtering, in this case a “Clear all filters” button will also be shown, to the right of the applied filters.
    A tag with search phrase combined with workspace filters shown above the workspace list
  2. Uppercase/lowercase is ignored when searching.
  3. If the search phrase consists of multiple keywords, documents containing all the keywords in its content will be listed.
  4. If the search phrase is written within quotation marks, documents containing the exact search phrase in its content will be listed.
  5. The search for workspaces function does currently not support Boolean, e.g. AND, OR, NOT or Relational operations, e.g. CreatedBy:John and Created>2018-01-01.