How to manage document tasks

If you have any documents in a workspace that require some form of action, a “Tasks” icon will be shown in the workspace’s top bar, with a counter indicating the number of tasks:
The "Tasks" icon shown in the workspace's top bar, with a counter indicating the number of tasks

If you click on the Tasks icon, you will come to a page that lists all documents with required actions to perform (the same number of documents as shown in the counter in the Tasks icon):
A list of all documents with related tasks

These are the types of tasks that are currently being presented on this page. To the right of each task you can click on corresponding actions:

  1. Checked Out to me:
    • Description: Documents that have been checked out to you (the document task is only shown to the person that has checked out the document).
    • Action: Check In
      When you click on the “Check In” action-button the document will automatically be checked in, without any extra step.
  2. Missing Properties:
    • Description: Documents that lack mandatory/required metadata or documents that are of the standard “Document” content type (they don’t have the content type that’s defined in the workspace’s workspace configuration), e.g. documents that have been moved to the workspace, using SharePoint’s standard “Move” function. These document tasks are shown to all the workspace’s members/contributors.
    • Action: Edit
      When you click on the “Edit” action-button you will get to the document’s property form, where you will be able to fill in the missing properties, where the metadata fields with a red frame around them indicate that they are mandatory:
      A document's property form, with the missing metadata fields highlighted in red

To get out of the “Tasks” page, you can either click on the workspace’s name, in the workspace’s top-bar or you can manage all your tasks (you will then automatically be redirected to the workspace’s ordinary document view).


  1. Tasks will not be shown if a workspace has more than 5 000 documents.
  2. For more information about the controls on the form, read this page: MetaShare’s supported site columns.