Receive an alert when a document’s due date has occurred

Due date tasks are good for keeping track of documents that expire or need to be reviewed after some period of time, such as contracts or policies. When a document’s due date has occurred or passed this will happen:

  1. A task for the document will be created and be presented to the members of the workspace, in MetaShare’s tasks page:
    Document with a passed due date
  2. The reviewers will receive an e-mail with a link to the document and to MetaShare’s tasks page:
    E-mail notification for document with a passed due date
    If the task is not completed within 7 days, a new e-mail will be sent to the reviewers.
  3. The task will be completed and removed from MetaShare’s tasks page if:
    1. The document is updated and the document’s due date is either removed or changed to a future date (edit the document’s properties)
    2. The document is deleted or archived (moved to a workspace that does not have due dates on its documents)


  1. The prerequisite for “due date” tasks to be created is that MetaShare has been configured to create alerts for documents when a document’s specific date field, e.g. “Due date”, “Review date”, “End date” or “Expiry date” occurs, according to these instructions.
  2. The prerequisite for “due date” notifications to be sent to specific reviewers is that MetaShare has been configured to send notifications to users that are added to a document’s specific person field, e.g. “Document owner” or “Reviewer”, according to these instructions.
  3. If a documents lacks specific reviewers, no e-mail will be sent. The task will however be shown in MetaShare’s tasks page, for all members of the workspace (users that can edit documents).